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Our Brujita Candles

High quality. Eco-friendly. All-natural Coconut Soy wax. Latina Owned.

Our Wax

Our candles are made from an all-natural coconut soy wax with black candle dye. Why coconut soy? The two most popular waxes: Paraffin and Soy, didn't meet our needs and so we turned to other alternatives. Paraffin in itself is not eco-friendly or clean as it is a petroleum by-product, while soy tends to have issues with hot throw (the strength of the fragrance while burning) and didn't retain the color black as much as we wanted it to. Our coconut-soy blend fixes all those issues: it is a clean burning and eco-friendly wax, that has amazing hot throw and retains color much better than soy.

Our Oils

Not all fragrances are created equal, and here at Brujita Min Candles we only use the highest quality fragrance oils we can find. We don't mind the extra cost, we want all of our candles to burn cleanly and free of any carcinogens or harmful chemicals.

Our Wicks

We only use  FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified WoodWicks from a 100% female run company! What does this mean? This means that with every candle you buy, you know you're supporting female entrepreneurs and helping plant baby trees <3

Our Materials

Speaking of the environment, we also strive to be as eco-friendly as we can be (which is hard for a small business with a tight budget!) This means we don't use plastic in any of our packaging and we recycle our shipping supplies which are made of either paper, cardboard, or biodegradable peanuts! We're constantly looking for ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle. If you have any suggestions please let us know!

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