SOY BRUJA Astuta! (I am an astute witch)

This candle is the perfect for brujitas who know how to take any situation and turn it in their favor! As the perfect fall scent, our ASTUTA candle will give your home that festive autumn vibe

Our Wax: All-Natural Coconut Soy wax with black candle dye

Our Fragrance: Apples in  Bourbon scent infused with essential oils (all of our high quality fragrances are optimized for candle use, and are phthalate free!) Scent notes of cinnamon, apple, & vanilla.

Our Wick: All-Natural wooden wick


Size: 4oz Mini

- Each candle is hand poured with the most love and care, however no two candles are identical and minor bubbles and/or frosting can occur
- A blossoming/blooming effect after the first and/or subsequent burns is completely normal and indicates that you are burning a natural wax! This does not impact candle performance in any way :)
- Always trim your wick 1/8"-3/16" (a little under 1/4") before lighting for maximum candle performance. If you don't have wick scissors a nail clipper works just as well!
- Allow the candle to achieve a full melt pool (usually happens within 3-4 hours) to avoid candle tunneling and to get the most out of your brujita candle.
- Please contact me for any questions or concerns! We'd love to help!

Astuta (Mini) ~ Manzanas en Borbón

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