Growing up we were all told at one point, "ya calmate" or "estate empaz!" Welp... some of us never learned! 

With scents of raspberry, orange, & red wine our ESCANDALOSA candle is for all the brujitas that don't allow their minds and voices to be silenced!

Escandalosa - Raspberry Sangria

  • Scent: Sangria de Franbuesa (Raspberry Sangria)

    Wick: WoodenWick

    Wax: All Natural Coconut-Soy Wax with black candle dye

  • 1) Trim wick between 1/8" - 1/4" for maximum wick performance.

    2) Allow a full melt pool to form on the first burn to prevent candle tunneling (usually within 2-3 hours)

    3) Keep candle away from drafts or anything flammable for your safety and others!